BSP warns of mobile SMS scams

BANK South Pacific has warned the general public and customers to beware of scams via text messages, emails, phone calls and letters.

  • Staff Reporter
  • 15 February 2017
  • 05:56
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BSP warns of mobile SMS scams Paul Thornton

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"In recent months hoax text messaging has increased due to the wide availability of mobile phones. Scammers also have been calling customers claiming, they are from BSP and advising them they have won a cash prize," BSP said.  
BSP retail banking GM Paul Thornton said the bank had no cash prize promotion giveaway, and would not call customers and ask for personal details such as personal identification numbers or internet banking passwords. He said customers should not divulge PIN or passwords to anyone.
"There are fraudsters who claim to represent BSP and facilitate loan processing with a commission charged for their services. BSP does not engage third parties to sell its loan products, and that all customers should only apply directly with branch staff for loan enquiries. 
"Customers who are asked for any commission for loan approval are encouraged to report the matter to BSP. Furthermore, any customer should not entertain text messages or calls from fraudsters who request for personal information."
BSP said that many unsuspecting and gullible people had fallen victims to scam text messages and hoax emails from fraudsters who claimed to be representing a bank or a reputable organisation.  
 "BSP, like any other financial institution, ensures that client and customer information is treated and shared via proper processes and protocols. The bank has a stringent policy of non-disclosure regarding matters of information security and deals with customers accordingly. BSP will never request for personal information, passwords or PINs from our customers," said Thornton.
BSP warns of 'cash prize' scams

BSP warns of 'cash prize' scams

16 August 2016 18:00

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