TB breakfast talk next week

A PRESENTATION put on by Business For Health will take place at a breakfast function to be held in Port Moresby next week.

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  • 21 July 2017
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TB breakfast talk next week Dr Ann Clark chats to Prime Minister Peter O'Neill at a conference in Port Moresby

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Titled the ‘Papua New Guinea private sector response to tuberculosis', Business for Health: Tuberculosis chief executive officer Dr Ann Clark will be the speaker at the event which will take place in the Ballroom at the Laguna Hotel on July 27 from 7am to 9am.
Clarke has had a lifelong passion for improving the health of others through education and participation in physical activity.  
After many years as an academic at University of Western Australia and Curtin University, she moved to live and worked in PNG to take a more practical approach to improving the health of others.  
Clarke has a PhD in health behaviour change from the University of Western Australia.  She has added to qualifications as a teacher and health researcher with studies in HIV, international health, social impact in the resources sector.  
She has worked with artists and sports people to improve their high-performance skills and spent 15 years as a part-time lecturer at the Western Australian Academic of Performing Arts .
With support from NASFUND, in 2007, Clark grew the team known at BAHA (the PNG Business Coalition against HIV and AIDS).  BAHA established the private sector as a formidable player in the national effort to reduce the impact of HIV. 
"By 2009, Team BAHA ensured that everyone in Port Moresby knew what to do on World AIDS Day and could easily access free condoms," Clarke said/
In the last seven years, Clark has been engaged in many projects related to health and HIV around the Asia Pacific region.
In 2017, Clarke returned to PNG to take on the challenge of eliminating TB as a serious workplace health issue in private sector workplaces by engaging all workplaces in her next project - to be known as Businesses for Health: Tuberculosis.
"The purpose of the talk will be to introduce the project known as The Businesses for Health: Tuberculosis," said Clarke, who added that B4H: Tuberculosis was established with seed funding from the Australian government in 2016, in response to concerns by PNG's business leaders and donor partners about the impact of TB on private sector businesses, their employees, their families and the national economy. 
B4H: Tuberculosis aims to enable private sector workplace to identify every case of active TB, to support those found to have TB to complete their treatment, and to get them back to work in the shortest period possible.
To achieve this, business leaders need up to date information about tuberculosis, the complexity of PNG's TB epidemic and services available to prevent, detect, test and treat TB.
"Our work to promote health and reduce the burden of diseases within private sector workplaces aims to be sustained from July 2017 through sponsorship from PNG businesses, membership and training fees.  B4H: TB will be a registered association, training organisation and charity," said Clarke.
B4H: Tuberculosis is an initiative of the Australia Papua New Guinea Business Council, which coordinates with all levels of the national TB program to ensure the work conforms and is in harmony with existing programs and services.
Reservations for the event may be made through Idua Arua at frontdesk@pomcci.com and the cost is K90 for Port Moresby Chamber of Commerce and Industry members and K100 for non-members.
Transparency chair for PNG talk

Transparency chair for PNG talk

02 August 2017 05:15

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