Pacific united for UN marine talks

PAPUA New Guinea has called on island nations around the world to come together for global action to protect their communities from marine damage.

  • Staff Reporter
  • 20 March 2017
  • 06:19
  • News
Pacific united for UN marine talks

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This was the sentiment of Prime Minister Peter O'Neill and other leaders at Pacific regional meeting at Suva in Fiji, called to prepare for the United Nations conference on oceans, which will be held in June this year.
O'Neill said island nations had valid marine resources concerns that needed to be taken up by the global community.
"Island nations might be small in terms of geography, but we are many in number, and together we can bring about global change on issues harming our communities," he said.
"We are not only the Pacific Island nations, but island nations and communities from oceans and seas right around the world.
"Pollution, illegal fishing and climate change destroys ecosystems in island nation maritime areas. We did not cause these problems, but these problems cause damage to our communities today and into the future.
"This meeting in Suva is all about building consensus and establishing a way forward to bring the global community with us to prevent our marine resources being destroyed."
 "For Pacific nations, we have to ensure that we lay the groundwork now to ensure real and tangible outcomes from the UN Conference of Oceans later this year."

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