Plea for small PNG islands

CARDINAL John Ribat has called on Papua New Guinea’s government to help communities on Hahus and Andra islands in Manus.

  • Staff Reporter
  • 03 April 2017
  • 06:03
  • News
Plea for small PNG islands

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Following a recent visit to these islands, Ribat said they were in danger because of the dramtic levels of rising seas, EMTV reported.
Fewer than 150 families live on these two islands, but Ribat says roads and other basic services had been affected by rising seas.
Ribat said the government should allocate separate funding for PNG's small islands without delay, EMTV reported.
There are fears that the Paris Agreement is now in doubt following US President Donald Trump's remarks to derail the plan which nearly 200 countries, including PNG, agreed to in 2015.
Funding to help nations combat the effects of climate change could, as a result, be in jeopardy.

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