Happy Day of the Girl, PNG!

HAPPY International Day of the Girl to everyone in Papua New Guinea and the Pacific island nations!

  • Staff Reporter
  • 10 October 2017
  • 19:21
  • News
Happy Day of the Girl, PNG!

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This international observance day, declared by the United Nations on October 11, 2012, supports more opportunity for girls and increases awareness of gender inequality faced by girls worldwide based upon their gender.
These inequalities include areas such as access to education, nutrition, legal rights, medical care, and protection from discrimination, violence against women and unfree child marriage.
According to the UN, thee celebration of the day also reflects the successful emergence of girls and young women as a distinct cohort in development policy, programming, campaigning and research.
It is noted on Wikipedia that more than 62 million girls around the world have no access to education. Worldwide and collectively, girls ages 5 to 14 spend more than 160 million hours more on household chores than boys of the same age do. Globally, one in four girls are married before age 18.
"The International Day of the Girl helps raise awareness not only of the issues that girls face, but also what is likely to happen when those problems are solved. For example, educating girls helps reduce the rate of child marriage, disease and helps strengthen the economy by helping girls have access to higher paying jobs," the UN said.


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