APEC a big opportunity for Pacific islands

AS CHAIR of the 2018 APEC leaders’ summit in November this year, Papua New Guinea would represent the interests of all Pacific island nations to the other member economies.

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  • 16 February 2018
  • 04:57
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APEC a big opportunity for Pacific islands

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This was said by Prime Minister Peter O'Neill in his opening address at the Melanesian Spearhead Leaders' Summit this week in Port Moresby.
"Papua New Guinea is the only Developing Pacific Island member of APEC, and we will continue to present the views of the Pacific - in the Asia-Pacific meetings. We have a very strong commitment to share the benefits of hosting APEC with Pacific island nations. 
"As 2018 APEC chair I have invited leaders from the Pacific to join the dialogue with APEC leaders. That will be done, and it is a unique opportunity."
O'Neill said the APEC agenda provided a great opportunity for Pacific island nations, as APEC was committed to not only expanding free trade, but to building the capacity for all economies to trade in a fair environment.
"Importantly, our APEC agenda has a very clear commitment to enhancing connectivity of Pacific to Asian economies. This means increasing access to the internet - not only in cities, but for remote and rural communities. By increasing online access, our people have direct connections to improve education, healthcare and business.
"This is Papua New Guinea's APEC commitment to Pacific island nations," he said.

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