Rising death toll for Lombok

AT least 98 people are now known to have died after a powerful earthquake hit the island of Lombok on August 5, emergency Indonesian officials said. This figure is expected to rise.

  • Staff Reporter
  • 08 August 2018
  • 04:43
  • News
Rising death toll for Lombok

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Hundreds of people have also been injured.
The 6.9 magnitude bump damaged thousands of buildings and triggered power cuts.
On the neighbouring island of Bali, video footage showed people running from their homes screaming, the British Broadcasting Corporation reported.
It comes a week after another quake hit Lombok, a popular tourist site for its beaches and hiking trails, killing at least 16 people.
The US Geological Survey said the latest quake, off the north coast of Lombok, occurred 10km underground.
A tsunami warning was issued in its aftermath but it was later retracted.

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